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Project Management Made Easy – Just “DO” It!

Grocery Shopping… CHECK! Mow Lawn… CHECK! Pay Bills… CHECK! Clean Kitchen.. CHECK!

Do you feel more productive when you have a checklist of items to cross off every day? Do you find you stay on task and focused more when you have one?

Generally speaking, checklists can help keep us on track of not only the day-to-day items that need constant monitoring and attention, but also helps keep main goals and overviews in the top of our minds as we consistently make progress toward that end result.

Time and time again the question is asked in Internet marketing groups all over the world… what project management platform do you use and/or recommend?

Of course, as with anything there are pro’s and con’s to each one AND every situation can be rather unique in what is actually needed in a project management tool.

A few you can check out to see if they meet your needs are:

Personally? At Go Fast Web, we consistently and unequivocally recommend Do – that’s www.do.com.

Admittedly, it has been awhile since we revisited many of these platforms… why keep hashing things over and over if you find something that works? (If it ain’t broke…)…

But initially, we felt like Basecamp was waaaayyy too much overkill for what we needed (might be great with large corporate groups?), Asana… played around with this one but in all honesty can’t remember liking it all that much, and Wunderkit is cute, social, and visually fun and appealing.

BUT, Do has been adding some amazing features  that are just plain hard to beat. Not only can you collaborate on a project with a team, but you can also subscribe an individual to each task. And, of course, that’s just skimming the top. Along with the usual project, task, and notes sections, you can also add Contacts and track Deals from start to finish.

Do also links to Dropbox and Google Docs and you can attach Contacts to your tasks to keep track and share info with your team.

Pricing? You can join Do for free, but if your business is growing like mad and you need heftier features, there is a premium plan.

Check it out! Do definitely makes it easier to get stuff done! The hard part? If you work with a bunch of free spirits who are more the “daydream” type than the “get stuff done” type… good luck getting them to login and follow a task list! 🙂